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All the views are 100% real! Come from all over the world. Views start within 1 to 12 hours. Speed is average of 300 to 2000 views per day.

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1000 Youtube

$9.99  $4.99

2000 Youtube

$19.99  $9.99

5000 Youtube

$47.99  $23.99

10000 Youtube

$89.99  $44.99

25000 Youtube

$209.99  $104.99

50000 Youtube

$393.99  $196.99

100000 Youtube

$737.99  $368.99

250000 Youtube

$1721.99  $860.99

500000 Youtube

$3195.99  $1597.99

Cost per view on Youtube: how is the price of Youtube views being formed and who are the people that buy this service?

An option that offers to buy Youtube views for your channel exists for a long time now and many users all around the world decide to purchase views for their Youtube channels every day. What are those actually good for and how much will it cost to buy some views for Youtube channel if you’re aimed to set a real quality promoting campaign?

Youtube views that are adsense safe and monetized are able to save generally any situation that formed on your channel – whether you’ve just created one or were having troubles with forming a decent audience targeted Youtube views are going to do the do and fix everything for you. Bought views for Youtube channel do really have a power to create an audience for you starting from zero; slow and safe Youtube views can attract real views right after they’ve been purchased and make your visiting statistics way better than before.

            That’s clear, but how is the price for Youtube views being formed? Decent companies (just likes Viplikes) do it by scanning the market and looking for average prices. After quick analysis they’re able to say if moderate market cost per view on Youtube is okay and if they want to use it for selling Youtube views to their clients. Sometimes companies have to increase worth a little bit, sometimes they lower it down – it all depends.

Your duty as a customer would be to look for nice and appropriate prices which won’t ruin your budget and will allow you to buy real Youtube views and comments by using your credit card, not having to add commissions to your check and overpay by any means.

If we talk about services, Viplikes tries to cooperate with only trustworthy and well-tried companies that have been through many sales already and know what they’re doing; those are banking services like Visa, Paypal and etc., those which you’ve heard of and maybe even bought something before this moment where you need to purchase Youtube views for your channel.

Generally speaking, price can really vary according to three reasons – first being company’s experience and ability to form adequate costs; second being company’s ability to keep prices competitive and the last one being company’s will and decision to afford discount from time to time or on regular basis even. Last one is actually great if you’ve planned to make a really big order – Viplikes, for example, can drop up to half the price from the purchase if you’re buying not so frequently ordered 1 million of Youtube views in one go. Anyways, purchasing Youtube views for multiple videos isn’t cheap, but if you’re planning to go big, we can make it cheaper and comfier just for you.

Safe and fast purchase of Youtube views for you channel: how to make things secure and proper?

So you know that you’re willing to buy Youtube views with instant delivery for your channel but you have zero idea where to start? We’ll tell you – following paragraphs have short list of things to stick by if you want your first or regular buy to go smoothly and without any difficulties at all:

  • Before saying yes to the purchase of Youtube views with your credit card make sure that you’re cooperating with the right type of checkout system which is transparent and controllable not only for dealer company but for you as well. For example, Viplikes cooperates with “” which is a well-tried service which proved its ability to hold transactions safely and quickly without delays and technical difficulties at all. If you’re ensuring us your money you can leave all doubts behind – your order of high retention Youtube views is going to be there in time and per fixated cost shown on the site.
  • The next extra important thing is looking for decent comments and reviews from people who’ve already purchased Youtube views package from this agency and has an opinion to tell. Mostly positive and great notes that come from previous buyers of Youtube views is a great sign – you can surely trust this resource and partner with them on your demands of social media promoting services.
    If there’s no comments and no review at all, try to ask a technician directly – when a company doesn’t have any portfolio of previously finished orders of Youtube views usually managers are those people who deliver any needed details about the purchase.
    Viplikes, for example, has many grateful comments from regular clients which you can check out on the bottom of the page; yet we never post the names of our clients and keep things private. Though the details of Youtube views package buys are always available from our consultations and in dialogues with our managers online.
  • Last but not least – if you’re in need of individual programming make sure to talk over with a manager before even starting to ask your Youtube views related questions. There are for sure many situations where you need to purchase exclusively big amount of Youtube views and even best sites to buy this service sometimes can’t deliver individually composed packages. That’s why you have to clear this out first: ask if an agency is interested in providing you with something extra – like, big package of cheap Youtube views and likes and comments for example. If they’re into it – you’re fine.
    For example, we on Viplikes proffer our clients individual package design if we’ve been informed that a customer is in need of something bigger than our preset packages of real Youtube views and comments can legit offer.

So, in conclusion: plan and calculate things ahead. Now you know how to buy Youtube views and make things super profitable for your channel and your pop-media promoting campaign. We’d like to add couple more words about Viplikes though:

Viplikes as a company: where to buy Youtube views cheapest with the most instant delivery?

We’ve made our working activity spread on all continents – from UK to Pakistan and many other countries we have our regular clients coming back for more and more Youtube views and other useful services daily. It doesn’t really matter where you’re from – we’ve got your demands covered either way. Viplikes really does proffer you to gain Youtube views for cheap, without postpones, without difficulties – straight profit coming right at your channel and your visiting statistics.

What we would also like to note is our order processing and delivery time – both of those are great. We are going to start processing your order of real and cheap Youtube views as soon as you’ve bought your let’s say 1k Youtube views package and paid for them online using presented banking services. Than our managers are going to jump into the order and make your channel charged with targeted and gradual Youtube views which will come your way several days in amounts of 300 to 2,000 views per day.

One of the last things we’d like to tell you is that Viplikes guarantees that all delivered cheap Youtube views and likes and comments and everything else is one hundred percent real due to mechanisms of our work. We actually never exploit bots and are fond of this step we’ve chosen to incorporate into our work – we’re involving only real and live accounts on Youtube to deliver you demanded amounts of cheap Youtube views. How?

We employ real users with actual accounts to leave you required Youtube views and actually watch your videos; this is how we kill two birds with one stone – you gain a possibility to intrigue people and make them into your Youtube subs added to actual Youtube views you’re gaining from Viplikes commercially. You don’t have to worry about those views being discarded and disappearing from your channel – this only happens to bot delivered views, ours are one hundred percent real and reliable.

The order can be formed and made quickly due to the button we’ve located under each Youtube views package located on the site. So, instead of hesitating and asking yourself how to buy Youtube views on best circs? – come along and leave an application. Pay for Youtube views cheap using Paypal or anything else available online and voila – you order is in Viplikes manager’s work space and is already being processed.

We would also like to remind you that Viplikes’ Youtube views will definitely work way better while superposed with several other services – this is actually a rule of setting quality and profit-making promo which will last you for quite some time. You can add comments, likes, followers and other options available on our best place to buy Youtube views which Viplikes definitely is.

            Combining does work in any case – even if you’ve regarding to pick up a small amount of Youtube views, making them added with some subscribers and likes will make the deal twice as expedient at least. We wouldn’t recommend doing it with no consultations beforehand though; if you’re attaining real Youtube views from Viplikes and want to follow this advice – talk to our managers first.

            Our managers wait for you 24/7! We’re always happy to guide and consult; buy Youtube views from Viplikes and prove that your content can do hundred times better with just a little help from Viplikes’ professional staff!